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Downloads Products

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Important: Stereoscopic Player requires a third party decoder for 3D-DVD playback. Click here for more information on 3D-DVD playback. If you are experiencing problems while installing Stereoscopic Player or Stereoscopic Multiplexer, please update the Microsoft Installer.

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Authoring and Developer Tools

  • Windows Media Stereo Attribute Editor 1.5
  366 kB   Download

The Windows Media Stereo Attribute Editor is a tool to add metadata to a stereoscopic Windows Media video file. Embedding metadata into a file avoids that the Stereoscopic Player asks for the stereoscopic format when the user opens the file.

  • JPS Descriptor Editor 1.0
  409 kB   Download

The JPS Descriptor Editor is a tool to add metadata to a stereoscopic JPEG image file. It also allows to edit or remove the metadata.

  • File Extension Changer 1.1
  335 kB   Download

The File Extension Changer allows you to batch-rename *.mpo files (e.g. from the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1 camera) to *.jpg and vice versa. There is an option to rename only multi-picture JPEG files to *.mpo. This tool can be used for any other file extensions as well.

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  • Encoding Profiles for Windows Media Encoder (more infos)
  22 kB   Download
  • Intros for Dual Stream files, 25 fps (more infos)
  14,2 MB   Download
  • Stereoscopic Player Multiple Instance Kit (more infos)
  911 kB   Download
  • Stereoscopic Player Playlist Demo
  1633 kB   Download
  • Stereoscopic Player Customization Tool - installed with player, not downloadable separately anymore
  • Stereoscopic Player Localization Tool 1.1 (more info)
  234 kB   Download
  • Stereoscopic Player VBScript Automation Samples 2.2.8
  17 kB   Download
  • Stereoscopic Player Effect Control Sample (more info)
  1 kB   Download
  216 kB   Download
  • Update Script for Stereoscopic Video Information Files
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  2636 kB   Download


  • Stereoscopic Movie Disk
    S3D-Today, November 27th - 29th, 2007, Munich, Germany
  2388 kB   Download
  • DV/HDV Tape Drive Synchronization
    Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference, January 29th - 31th, 2007, San Jose, United States
  1547 kB   Download
  • Stereoscopic Player and Stereoscopic Multiplexer
    S3D-Today, November 27th - 28th, 2006, Munich, Germany
  5960 kB   Download


  • P. Wimmer "Stereoscopic Metadata Format Specification", Version 1.4, May 23rd, 2012
  183 kB   Download
  • P. Wimmer, "Stereoscopic Player and Stereoscopic Multiplexer: a computer-based system for stereoscopic video playback and recording", Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems XII, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 5664A, pp. 400-411, 2005
  753 kB   Download
  • Posters shown at SD&A 2005 conference
  775 kB   Download
  • P. Wimmer, "Aufnahme und Wiedergabe stereoskopischer Videos im Anwendungsbereich der Telekooperation" (Recording and Playback of Stereoscopic Videos in the Field of Telecooperation), diploma thesis, 2004
  10529 kB   Download